We create APPS thinking about people

The success of a “Mobile Project” is not the result of chance. Before we begin, we make sure we get clear understanding of the key concepts of the project and after defining a concrete strategy, we begin to develop the application.

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We develop Apps for iOS and Android

We create hybrid applications, which means that all our developments are “Multiplatform”. This system allows us to access the most advanced features of the device: Access to peripherals (GPS, cameras, etc.), push notifications, multimedia processing and background processes.

Our applications are adaptable to any size of mobile device and tablets, they can also be adapted to Windows, Mac and Linux Desktop Mode.

All the applications can work with or without an Internet connection.

All our applications have advanced encryption systems with the possibility of integrating other systems, such as private networks, VPNs or custom servers.

We use the most advanced programming techniques with the latest tools: Angular, MongoDB, Docker, Ionic, Ionic Capacitor, Apple iOS, Android, GraphQL, Redis, Http v2, API Rest, NodeJS, TypeScript.

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