How to identify typographic fonts?

You liked the font you saw, but you don’t know what it is and you want to use it. We give you the tricks to discover the fonts you like the most. Very easy, there are many different possibilities for you to find out… Many people come to us with this doubt, so we decided to create an article to

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Marketing Video Today in Infomeik we are going to talk about video marketing… What is it and what is it for? What does our company get from using video marketing techniques? On what video platforms do we usually work these techniques? And finally What types of videos are there? In this article, we will talk about all those questions that many

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Creating an Omnichannel strategy for your company is the best solution

Technology advances by leaps and bounds and is integrated into our daily routine with total normality. Each user has several devices, we watch TV while answering messages and review our social networks. As we move forward on this path of constant innovation and new ways of seeing things, technology becomes more important for our daily lives. With our clients exactly

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What a web page can do for your company

It is incredible to think that in the middle of 2019 there are companies that still do not have their presence on the network, without a website, or some may have had it for many years without having renewed it, and thus more than 15 years. 15 years ago, having a website was just a tool that helped your company,

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With an online store you increase your sales

A physical store has its advantages, but also a great disadvantage, and the availability of a physical store is limited in terms of its schedules. Instead, an online store is always available, 24 hours, without stopping, without rest. If you add an online sales channel to your physical store your customers will never be left wanting to buy that product

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With video online marketing is easier

Many are the companies that have seen the benefits of having a video, but there are some that still resist the impact power that resource has. Thanks to a video you can reach a large number of users, the still image was full of information, now the trend is the video, but not a long video or a thick video

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Create a good return policy in your online store

If you have an online store it is very important to plan the entire sales strategy. The return policy is usually among the least planned points that all online store owners have a lot of doubts about. While the store is small, there are not many returns, but as sales go up if you don’t have strong business conditions, there

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Are you just a follower, or are you more than that? Instagram allows you to share stories with an isolated group of friends.

Instagram Stories can be shared for a few weeks with a small group of friends chosen by the user, the company has done so as an option focused on sharing more intimate and personal moments. You can find out if you have this function or not, its activation will result in a new green icon with a star inside just

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E-commerce Calendar 2019

In the world of commerce you never rest, the competition is so huge that if you really want to succeed you must take every opportunity to generate sales and achieve success, so in Infomeik we have created the e-commerce 2019 calendar that will help you to all important dates by hand to create a promotional strategy in your online store.

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How to fix the blunders in my social networks

In the times we live if you make a mistake is more noticeable…or people make it more noticeable. Before your clients and friends in your neighborhood had experiences very similar to yours, a very similar education, similar families and selling your products and services was easier because you sold them to people very similar to you. Now you have the

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