The Hosting service or Web Hosting is the one that provides the space and conditions necessary to store all the content of a Web, email accounts, FTP accounts, databases, and a number of resources that allow the operation of a Web.


The choice of a suitable hosting service is essential when implementing a website, as it will depend on the proper functioning of the website.


At Infomeik we offer a high quality service, where all Hosting services are started on state-of-the-art servers to achieve the highest performance and reliability.


We advise you on choosing the most suitable accommodation to make your web project a success.


At Infomeik we know how important it is for every company that your web and email accounts are always operational, so our priority is that our servers are always in optimal conditions.


We offer you everything your project needs:

– Personalized treatment
– Advice
– Technical support and support
– Cpanel
– Backup
– Antivirus
– Antispam
– Real-time control Panel
– DNS management
– Domain suggestions
– Agility and speed
– SSL certificates


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The importance of choosing a good Web Hosting


The Hosting Service or Web Hosting is the one that provides the space and the conditions necessary to store all the content of a Website, email accounts, FTP accounts, databases, and an amount of resources that enable the functioning of a Website. Choosing a good Web Hosting (Web Host or Hosting) is the beginning of the success of our websites. Web hosting plays an important role in the total experience of visitors to your site.
Here you will find five simple steps that will help you find a good web hosting:


RELIABILITY is the main requirement: When we choose a web hosting, many times we do it just by looking at the disk space and the bandwidth offered by the hosting provider. Unless you have a very popular website, you will use just 10% of bandwidth in most Hosting plans. The main factor is your decision, so choose a hosting that gives you greater confidence (i.e., server speed and uptime).


Online research: to verify the reliability of the various hosting providers, you will need to investigate online. Use search engines to find customer reviews and review specialized web hosting forums. To view customer reviews I recommend hostreview and if you want a specialized web hosting Forum I recommend web forums.


Staying away from overseas: it’s very tempting to subscribe to a hosting that offers many Gigabytes of disk space, many monthly bandwidth Terabytes and unlimited domains, especially if they only charge you a few euros per month for this. The only problem is that these hosting providers are making overseas (it consists of reselling for example as much disk space as possible, regardless of whether you can reach the limit of these resources or not) and thus cannot guarantee the quality of the service. You better find a hosting company that offers you reasonable specifications.


Try the help service: before you subscribe to a hosting company, make sure you send some emails to its sales support. So you can check how quickly they respond to you, how they treat you, and what degree of technical knowledge operators have. If a company has a poor customer support department, it is likely that other areas of the company will have the same operation.


The Internet has become one of the most widely used means of promoting various services, products and even events. Of course a good option to make sales safely, and offer our services to everyone. For websites to exist, there must be a place where they are published and available to be visited.


These storage sites are known as web server. They are computers that are set up to host files that together form an Internet site, and they also provide the basis for different programming technologies to work and bring interactivity to the sites.


The service provided is called Web Hosting, and it is creating an account for a certain user, with its space according to needs, as well as the support for the technology that the publisher uses for his site.


Of course this requires a connection by the service provider, which allows the simultaneous connection of hundreds, thousands or millions of visitors at a time. The same thing that their computers have that capacity and not saturated, or in the worst case fall down, and throw the hosted sites.


Different offers, which one to choose?


Hosting services are diverse, grouped according to:


Platform: Linux (most used in the world) and Windows are the most common. Unlike what happens on pc, on servers the most used for stability and security is Linux, usually red hat. But you must choose according to the technology you will use for your site. Php, Cgi, perl, Mysql, javascript, flash, and others are supported by Linux with an Apache server. Choose Windows if you use ASP technology.


This means that for most Linux/apache it is the best combination. Apache is the software that gives you the server features.


What you must take into account:


Analyze different offers from different suppliers.


Space offered. A website requires sufficient server space for the files that form it, and what you will add in the contracted period. This occurs in megabytes of space (Mb) or Gigabytes (Gb). For fixed sites, 50 Mb content is sufficient. For more needs you can find from 100 Mb to several Gigas.


Terms and conditions. An important point, reviews and / or asks each supplier about their terms and conditions, mandatory contract periods, and above all what restrictions apply when publishing, prohibited content types.


Forms of payment and charges. If you are paying for short periods, ask for cancellation costs, late payment, domain changes, account changes.

Monthly transfer. Make sure they offer you a good amount of monthly transfer, i.e. the size in Mb or Gb that can be accessed. For example, if your site has a 1 mb image and you are visited 1000 times in a month, you will have consumed 1000 Mb which is almost a Gb. A good size going from 3 Gb monthly.

Ask for a trial period, this way you will be able to check that the service does not fall at night, that your site is online always, that the access speed is good.

What you shouldn’t do.

You shouldn’t hire a hosting service without trying it out. You can ask for a trial period, if he’s a serious supplier, he’ll give it to you.

Don’t be surprised by wonderful offers, incredible prices, some suppliers offer services for a few pesos, which increases their sales, but in the long run the quality of the service is bad, and with constant falls. And sometimes they disappear overnight.


Do not choose your domain without meditating on it, a regional domain usually involves more rigorous terms and conditions than an international domain.


Control Panel the control panel where you control all aspects of your account, such as email account management, read statistics, and configure autoresponders.


From a marketing perspective, it is important to know that you are visiting your site and which pages . Your hosting company should keep track of all this information for you and presents it in an easy to read format. Make sure the statistics are updated daily, and you can configure the screen to show you by day, week, month or year.


Infomeik Hosting Service provides you with a wide range of possibilities, whether you are professional or particular, with servers of the latest generation and a customer service response immediate. Consult our plans and you will surely find the one that best suits your needs.


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