Innovative audiovisual creations for your company

Do you want to present your project in a shocking way? We put at your disposal our team of professionals to create a quality audiovisual.

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We produce high impact Videos

In Infomeik we have a highly qualified professional team, capable of creating high quality videos and visual impact. Our challenge is to make each video a powerful tool for your Digital Marketing strategy.

Types of Video

  • videos of products
  • Products and services presentation videos

    This type of videos is a clear and attractive way to present your products and services.

    The videos of products and services are characterized by being especially useful in online stores as they convince the customer, increase the time spent on the web, generate repeated visits, generate visits to social networks, build customer loyalty, share content.


    These videos are also very effective when sending newsletters and promoting news or product launches.


    You can present your product and / or service showing manufacturing processes, uses, applications, testimonials, etc.


    Move your customers to action!

  • video tutorial
  • Tutorial videos are an excellent way to teach and learn. More and more people access YouTube to watch videos that teach them to do something. The videos are used more because they make the process more dynamic, you can see the steps to follow in detail and pause at the time you need it.


    With a video tutorial you can teach clearly and easily how to use your website, configure products, teach courses …


    And you? What do you want to teach?


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  • Testimonial video
  • The testimonial video is based on interviews that highlight the virtues of your company, products and / or services.


    In the testimonial video we seek to provide confidence and security to customers and users of your website.


    What better presentation than listening to the experiences of people who work in your company and those of your clients told in a video?


    A testimonial video can be formal or totally casual, depending on what you want to convey.


    We have the right team that will make your testimonial video a success.

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