20 tips to increase sales in your online store

If you create an online store you can’t sit back and wait for traffic to come and sell.

What you must achieve is to attract traffic, that they think that there is no other online store like yours, that they buy and that they buy again whenever they see your products.

The Infomeik team wants to advise you to make your online store a success, so we give you these tips that will allow you to sell more.

1- Bet on a good natural positioning. Generating constant and quality traffic with people who really look for your products is very important. Find an original strategy and differentiate yourself from the competition.

2- Product images must be spectacular. The quality images of each product will help you gain the trust of the users.

3- Customer opinions are very important, they feel closer to you and other users can read and trust your products.

4- Provide value beyond the price, do not compete only for the price. Offer your users different things, reinforce the value of your brand.

5- Always make clear to the customer all the expenses that you will have when buying in your online store, if they will not feel cheated and disappointed.

6- Quality seals and certifications are important.

7- An online chat will help customers see you closer.

8- Always put a physical address and contact phone number in your online store, your customers should know that you are real and that you are.

9- Comply with the delivery deadlines and be as short as possible. Online shopping is sometimes a necessity and if you need it you want it fast, other times it is on impulse and if the product takes a long time to arrive you lose the illusion. When choosing a store, delivery times are very important.

10- The return policy must be very clear and our advice is that you should make the return very flexible since that will help your customers overcome their insecurities.

11- When your client receives the order make it an experience. The package that your client receives generates a contact with your client and he expects it with expectation. Your customer is not sure of having bought well, if the product will be what he believed. Everything must be perfect. The products must be protected, with the original packaging in perfect condition …

12- And why not … take advantage of the receipt of the order so that your brand is recognized and is in style, do branding. Send a small detail, put a sticker with a message, customize the boxes of the products … that remember where they bought and that it is worthwhile to remain your customer.

13- It is very important to have a blog that allows you to be closer to your customers.

14- Do not forget to have active social networks.

15- Create contests and make your customers interact with your brand.

16- Do not forget to create offers, promotions, discounts. Create buying occasions.

17- Email marketing is very important. Send your offers and promote your products by email. Do it well, fulfilling the legality.

18- Monitor and monitor all actions constantly, so you will know that you must correct and that you must enhance. Measure the results of each action.

19- Do not resist changes, users are the ones who tell you where you should direct your business online.

20- Hire specialists who can help you with each strategy you want to implement. Design specialists, programming specialists, digital marketing specialists. Having good support will help you achieve success.