10 essential Prestashop modules in your online store

As users of store online in Prestashop </ strong > We are very familiar with the word “modules”, surely you will have heard of many modules, but what exactly is a module? It is an extension that extends the functionality of our software or online store . With them we can customize the displayed content, perform tasks and even connect

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9 reasons to create a commercial APP in your company

In the mid-90s people were wondering, should my company have a website ? And time answered that question. Nowadays, technology has advanced so much that it makes our life easier in every way, in fact with a simple mobile phone we can do things that we didn’t dream of 10 years ago, even movies that win the Sundance prize filmed

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4 essential tips for your website

  The creation of a website or online store is a very important factor for all companies.   We have always said that if you are not there you do not exist, but in these current times you no longer only have to be, as important as being is the way you are, the way you present yourself to users

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We want to tell your story

Telling and listening to stories is something we are all used to, there is no better way to learn. the best television advertisements go to stories, then just by seeing a poster in any corner you recognize the story and the product associated with it. A story consists of three components: characters, environment and events. Characters: in the history of

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Have you already named a heir to your Facebook account?

What about the Facebook accounts of people who have died? They become empty accounts, without any movement, or updates. Now in Europe and America you are already in the Facebook account settings choose, the “legacy contact” once you have passed away. This legacy contact can manage the account. But this is only one option that you can choose in the

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How to generate customer opinions in your online store

The best advertising for your online store is the Word of mouth Who has not bought a product because it has been recommended by a friend or relative? In the online world opinions have become totally relevant. Having a good talk about your products helps build trust in users. Opinions are one more reason to capture the interest of users

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Big Data – Infomeik

According to IBM 90% of all data generated by devices such as Smartphones, tablets , connected vehicles and appliances are never analyzed … 60% of this data begins to lose value in a matter of milliseconds … ” In our companies, all these data are revealed of vital importance, because knowing the data and its interpretation we know the tastes

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All are advantages when buying on the internet, what are you waiting for!

Making purchases over the Internet can have many advantages, among which we highlight the following: Availability. You can buy at any time. Access comfort. You can purchase the items from home or from work, avoiding travel. Speed. Access to services or products is done with a few simple clicks. Compare prices. The Internet allows us to locate different stores around

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Objective: Make the Client fall in love

More and more companies are recognizing that the customer has more weight in making strategic decisions. The important thing is to know how to “love the customer” to choose your products and services. The first step is to meet the current customer. Today’s customer is a much more digital customer with specific habits. The digital client is: •    Quick:

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Are you already on social media?

In this great advance of the technology and the new means of communication, we can appreciate the ease of contact with other people within the reach of a single click, no matter the distance, no matter the difference of cultures, without the barriers of time. social networking have achieved what previously seemed impossible, which is to connect millions of people

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