Design Corporate Image


Creatividad Vs Resultados

Adobe realizó un estudio y sus conclusiones dicen claramente que las empresas que dan importancia a la creatividad tienen mejores resultados que sus competidores. Más ingresos, más cuota de mercado y liderazgo competitivo. Los líderes empresariales se centran en la productividad, eficiencia y planificación del trabajo como  los principales factores de éxito; aunque el modo de pensar está cambiando.Las empresas

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The power of custom design

We are in a changing society…and in a country where its inhabitants adapt, are recycled, therefore its companies must also be recycled and adapted to the New Times. SMEs need to invest in image. Differentiating yourself from others is very important and very few companies take the importance of design seriously because they have never proven what a good design

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The first impression is what counts

For years it has been investigated how we associate the types of faces with the different personalities and decide with just a glance whether a person is friendly, competitive, reliable, etc. These conclusions just by watching the face of a person affect very important decisions of our life. With a first glance we can decide who we trust our money,

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The power of corporate image

Achieving leadership in a sector requires much more than a good product and /or service. The first thing is to have a brand that is recognized and identified by consumers. To create a brand we must design a name, an image and values that define it. Once these requirements have been met, it will be necessary to define the strategy

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