Prestashop Programme


With an online store you increase your sales

A physical store has its advantages, but also a great disadvantage, and the availability of a physical store is limited in terms of its schedules. Instead, an online store is always available, 24 hours, without stopping, without rest. If you add an online sales channel to your physical store your customers will never be left wanting to buy that product

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Angular 6+ – evolution and trends in programming languages

Technology or programming languages evolve every day. There are more and more programming languages or ways to program and create both mobile applications and web pages. PHP and Mysql, a pair adrift. The most common thing is that we find pages created in php that have a MySQL database. So far it has not been a bad solution for the

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Remove/ es /(or/ language / default) from the Prestashop friendly URL

This modification was made in Prestashop Suppose it can work for the entire 1.5 branch.x of Prestashop. In the file /classes/Link.php we modify the function ” getLangLink”: [php] term br /> if (!$id_lang){ if(Configuration::get(‘PS_LANG_DEFAULT’, null, $shop->id_shop_group, $shop->id) == $context->language->id) return “; } else{ if($id_lang == Configuration::get(‘PS_LANG_DEFAULT’, null, $shop->id_shop_group, $shop->id)) return “; } [/php] Leaving the function like this: [php]

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