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(Español) 8 diferencias entre el Marketing Tradicional y el Marketing Online

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5 tips for managing criticism and negative comments on social media

  There are very few companies that do not have a presence in social networks, and you have to know how to manage well the communication between the company and the customers, whether positive or negative. Today we are going to give you some tips so that you know how to manage those negative comments, which many times you do

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What is the difference between followers and fans on Facebook?

In this post, we will explain what the difference between the two is and what is better for brands. Facebook fans When a Facebook user is interested in the brand or the content of a Fan Page, they will surely press the “Like” button. This means that the user will receive in his news all the information published on the

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What is the Instagram feed? How can I make an Instagram feed?

Today June 30 is World Social Media Day and what better way to celebrate it than talking about one of them, Instagram. More specifically we will talk about the Instagram feed, do you know what it is? What is an Instagram feed? It is the first thing that is seen in your content on your profile when someone visits it. That is

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5 reasons to use video in web design

A few years ago it was unthinkable to put a video on the web, it could slow down the load to the extreme. Also if you wanted to download a video, it could take several days. Now that no longer happens, technological evolution has made it possible for us to see even high-quality movies in streaming. Having the video resource

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WhatsApp marketing what is it? Features and Benefits

What is WhatsApp Business? What are the characteristics and advantages of WhatsApp marketing? According to a 2019 Hootsuite and We Are Social report, WhatsApp was the most used social network by the Spanish population after YouTube. A WhatsApp marketing campaign is based on exploiting the particularities of the platform with direct communication between the client and the company. Although it is

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Instagram shopping how can we install it?

It is one of the most important tools when selling your products online, but many people have no idea what it is even using Instagram… then we thought we would dedicate a couple of articles to the subject: we’ll start by explaining what it is and what the important function it serves to sell our products online. And in the

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9 reasons to create a commercial APP in your company

In the mid-90s people were wondering, should my company have a website ? And time answered that question. Nowadays, technology has advanced so much that it makes our life easier in every way, in fact with a simple mobile phone we can do things that we didn’t dream of 10 years ago, even movies that win the Sundance prize filmed

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Social networks dress up for Christmas

We are at the gates of the parties more familiar, emotional and commercial of the year, cities are dressed with lights and ornaments, but not only physically. If we take a look through the screen of our smartphone , our tablet or our computer, we will see everywhere ads with reference to Christmas , especially in the social networks with

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10 Marketing Tips that everyone should be clear about before starting

After 10 years in the world of Digital Marketing there are many people we talk to every day because they want to optimize their presence on the Internet: have a better presence, have a website that reports benefits and create strategies that allow bequeatting to more users. All of them eager to explore and launch their businesses in this world

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