There are very few companies that do not have a presence in social networks, and you have to know how to manage well the communication between the company and the customers, whether positive or negative. Today we are going to give you some tips so that you know how to manage those negative comments, which many times you do not know how to deal with.

Keys to managing negative comments

Don’t sit around doing anything.

Always act. We often see those negative comments and don’t treat them, we just ignore them, as if they are going to disappear. And this is a mistake.

Other times we take it private, asking you to make your complaint by mail or direct message to the company.

However, the best option is to make it visible, the more transparency the better, showing the desire to serve customers and to do it correctly. You do not have to do it quickly and answering the first thing that comes to mind, it is good not to delay in answering but you have to do it in a thoughtful way.

With manners and education.

How we respond to these criticisms is not always easy. Even if the comment is written in bad ways, do not lose your cool. You have to answer in a cordial and prudent manner, knowing that your answer will be seen by many more people and it is good to maintain an image that does not harm the company.

Recognize if you have failed.

If you were to blame, don’t hesitate to admit it. You have to take the responsibility that is needed and apologize. Honesty and transparency are highly valued by users.

Don’t cross the line.

The customer is not a friend. Take into account the words and attitudes you can adopt to address him and which ones you cannot. Although social networks already have their code of conduct, it is always good to establish values ​​that leave the company in a good place and avoid damaging its image with certain positions or comments.

Always grateful.

Despite leaving a bad comment, if it has been constructive, always have to be thanked for helping you improve your business. They have taken the time to write about you or your business and we have to thank them for that.

In conclusion, when managing negative comments on social media, you always have to be willing to listen and do it with the right manners and behaviors. Always answer these types of comments and do not miss them, as it will be a good image for your company.