How do the pymes use Social Networks in Spain?

It is not news for anyone that Social Networks have revolutionized the world and the way people communicate. This new way of doing things has also reached companies and their way of doing business.

But how have Spanish companies evolved on this issue?

According to a study of, only 42% of microenterprises are actively present in Social Networks, although their use is unprofessional. Only one third of them make professional use and attend their Social Networks daily.

One in ten companies that use social networks recognizes having a good return and one in three users encourages companies to be present in social media.

Which companies make more use of the media?

Those that belong to the sector of professional, scientific and technical activities.

If you still do not have a presence in the Social Networks, we give you some tips so that the sooner you get down to work

1. The first thing is to create a plan, planning is the key to success.
2. Analyze the situation of your company: what it does, objectives, goals, target audience.
3. Map the customer experience or customer journey, you must understand that without the client your project will not survive.
4. Plan objectives to achieve in Social Networks.
5. Analyze the competition.
6. Decide which will be the most convenient tools.
7. Create a strategy.

If you entrust the management of your Social Networks to specialized professionals you will get better results. As they say in my land Zapatero to your shoes, do what you know and let us help you with what we know.