Today is Valentine’s day and love is on the air, so we have decided to tell our readers the reasons why we are in love with our work.

amar el marketing digital


1-we know many people: our work involves getting to know many people, their companies, products and/or services, and the first beneficiaries are us. That is why we thank all the people who have been in contact with us. In almost 12 years, imagine how many people have given us their trust, support, respect and affection.


corazon-42- We learn every day: we learn a lot and a lot of things with our customers. And life with knowledge is more fun. Thanks to all those people who have taught us about their work experience…and of life.

corazon-43- No day is the same as another day: whoever thinks this marketing thing is monotonous to tell me how they do it. For us every day is different. Our work schedule can change in an instant and it is up to us to adapt to the new challenge, and to the challenge of achieving the goals necessary for our customers to succeed. S does not change Google, changes something from the server and if not Facebook that changes the location of the functions. That even though it sometimes stresses is fun and makes us always alert.


corazon-44- It’s exciting: we work both on our clients ‘ projects looking for solutions, creating, designing, programming that we get totally into the project skin. We vibrate with every achievement and are disappointed with every lost battle, although disappointment can last little because we have to “turn the tortilla”. There’s no time to waste in this world.


corazon-45- Creativity is important: every day we must use our creative side and make things different and each customer unique.



corazon-46- We make things change: this part gives you the most satisfaction, when amar el marketing digital 2you control the results of the actions carried out by the Infomeik team and we see the before and after of a company that bets on Digital Marketing.


corazon-47- It’s fun: if I told you every time we looked for ideas and laughed together. Digital Marketing is fun and brings us together as people.


Do you need any more reason to know that we love digital marketing?

Happy Valentine’s Day! and…He loves everything you do.

If you want us to fall in love with your project and help you make it happen don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love for you to be part of the Infomeik family.

You will have a team of programmer engineers, programmer analysts, image and sound specialists, and digital Marketing specialists who will advise and advise you.