In the mid-90s people were wondering, should my company have a website ? And time answered that question. Nowadays, technology has advanced so much that it makes our life easier in every way, in fact with a simple mobile phone we can do things that we didn’t dream of 10 years ago, even movies that win the Sundance prize filmed entirely with an iPhone. Today technology is available to everyone and that is why we must use it for the benefit of our company.

That leads us to consider whether or not to have a APP to make my company known to the world. Should I create a APP for my company ? It is the question that many entrepreneurs ask themselves today.

As a leading technology company for internet marketing , we will give you some tips on why we should or should not create a mobile application that loyalty or attract new users to our companies:

– 24h service: If you have a APP for your company you will be giving a service 24 hours a day.

-Brand Image: Your brand will be remembered by users every time they use their smartphone email.

-Fidelize: With your APP you can promote products and make offers for that new and old customers can enjoy.

-Surprise: If your sales margins allow it, you can occasionally include a gift or surprise, that strategy is infallible since if you surprise your customers with unexpected gifts you have a positive response.

-Contact: It’s one more way to get closer to users and be able to give better attention. In addition, if you work well in the design of the APP interface, users can navigate in an easy and simple way, thus making the demand for products greater.

-Valuate your service: With an application you can make customers value the service provided in order to improve day after day with the opinion of your customers.

– Grow as a company: In case you have an online store, an APP well aimed at a specific audience, sales will increase .

-Modernization: The APPs are nowadays novelty and give an innovative, modern and attractive image to our company. Also today there are not many who decide to create an app for your company, why not get ahead of them and thus differentiate ourselves?

-Presence in Stores: Our application will be in the most popular APP stores such as Google or Apple. These stores are visited by millions of users every day.

Other types of APPs are those for internal use. You can have APPs so that your commercials can make all the orders, productivity control, location of your employees at all times and presentation of the company, in this way you will stop using paper and your commercials will have all the information to present the company of a agile modern way and that will speak well of you.

Will you miss the opportunity to have an app for your company? In Infomeik de we can help create APP using the latest technology.

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