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(Español) 3 técnicas de venta que ya no funcionan

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(Español) 5 técnicas de ventas eficaces para tu empresa

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(Español) 5 tips de marketing digital para networkers de éxito

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(Español) Estrategias e ideas de marketing para tu empresa en Black Friday

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(Español) 8 diferencias entre el Marketing Tradicional y el Marketing Online

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5 tips for managing criticism and negative comments on social media

  There are very few companies that do not have a presence in social networks, and you have to know how to manage well the communication between the company and the customers, whether positive or negative. Today we are going to give you some tips so that you know how to manage those negative comments, which many times you do

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What is the difference between followers and fans on Facebook?

In this post, we will explain what the difference between the two is and what is better for brands. Facebook fans When a Facebook user is interested in the brand or the content of a Fan Page, they will surely press the “Like” button. This means that the user will receive in his news all the information published on the

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What is the Instagram feed? How can I make an Instagram feed?

Today June 30 is World Social Media Day and what better way to celebrate it than talking about one of them, Instagram. More specifically we will talk about the Instagram feed, do you know what it is? What is an Instagram feed? It is the first thing that is seen in your content on your profile when someone visits it. That is

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5 reasons to use video in web design

A few years ago it was unthinkable to put a video on the web, it could slow down the load to the extreme. Also if you wanted to download a video, it could take several days. Now that no longer happens, technological evolution has made it possible for us to see even high-quality movies in streaming. Having the video resource

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What are the keys to developing a powerful WhatsApp marketing campaign?

In the previous post we saw what were the characteristics and advantages of carrying out a WhatsApp marketing campaign, today we explain the keys for that marketing campaign on WhatsApp to be successful. 8 keys to achieving a successful WhatsApp Marketing campaign Define the objectives well. Being clear about what the objectives of your campaign will be is necessary. You will

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