E-commerce Calendar 2019

In the world of commerce you never rest, the competition is so huge that if you really want to succeed you must take every opportunity to generate sales and achieve success, so in Infomeik we have created the e-commerce 2019 calendar that will help you to all important dates by hand to create a promotional strategy in your online store.

To start with an online store project you must follow a series of steps that are detailed below:

  • Plan your campaigns at least four weeks in advance.
  • Keep in mind the preferred days in online sales, because during the week purchases are usually made by computer, and weekends are when computers are parked. So Sunday becomes the preferred day for shopping on mobile devices.
  • Another step to take into account are the preferred months. In some months users make more purchases. Having as preferred months, June and December.
  • After analyzing preferred days and preferred months, it’s time to design the campaign, plan all the offers you’re going to offer in your online store.
  • After the design of your strategy it is time to update all the sales channels we have with new graphic elements so that consumers know better our promotions.
  • If you want results you must invest money to reach more users, thanks to online advertising campaigns.
  • After finishing your campaign it is very important to measure the results, if you know who you have reached, and you know everything about your target audience you can better plan the next advertising campaign in your online store.

In Infomeik we offer you the most sound dates to consider when creating effective promotions. Please note that according to your type of business you will need to add other special dates that are exclusively suited to your product and your online store.