Combine online and offline channelsHow to use Bizum to sell online

What is Bizum?

Surely you have already heard about the famous Bizum, but maybe you don’t know how to use it to take advantage of it in your eCommerce.

First, we are going to explain what Bizum is and then we will tell you what are the advantages it has to sell online.

Bizum is a Spanish payment company in which different banking entities collaborate. It works from your bank account and you just have to activate it. It is an instant payment system.

You can now forget about tedious transfers, Bizum is very easy to use and fast. You only need to know the phone number of the person you want to send money to.

What are the advantages of using Bizum in your Ecommerce?

  1. It is a quick method. It follows the same payment scheme between individuals and that has hooked a large majority of people. You will get payments instantly.
  2. Conversion. Using only the mobile phone number reduces the payment time, which using other methods would take twice as long.
  3. It is a secure system . Spanish banks are concerned with protecting the payments of all customers. Any incident and fraud are detected instantly and is recorded.
  4. Easy to use. There is no greater complexity than putting the phone number and a pin on the mobile to make instant payment.
  5. It adapts to each trade. It does not have closed rates, it can be contracted with any of the participating banks. Choose the best offer that suits your characteristics.
  6. If you are a business that uses Bizum, you are registered on official pages, such as Innova Deluxe, getting notoriety.

Bizum is a way to sell more.

If you want to take the step and show another way to buy in your business follow the steps that we tell you below :

  1. Get in touch with your bank to find out what conditions they offer you using Bizum and in this way reach an agreement.
  2. The bank with which you started the process of integrating Bizum into your business, will help you establish it in your POS.
  3. You got it! This payment method will be available on your online store platform and you can present it to your customers.

If you are a customer and you do not know how to use it in online stores, here is an Official Bizum video in which it explains how to pay in this way.