How to buy on the internet and be protected

More and more people shop online. e-commerce increasingly offers more options; the convenience of being able to shop from home at any time of day and enjoy many opportunities and offers.

Enjoy the online shops and take these tips into account to make online shopping safely.

1. Be careful with shipping costs can make a difference in your total purchase. While you save gas and time by not moving to the stores, you can save more if you care for transportation costs.

2. The online shops must provide you with security, you can pay with Paypal, online trust label or payment gateway with credit cards that connect you directly to banks

3. Beware of misleading photographs, look carefully at product size, read descriptions and fact sheets, weight, materials. You need to get a real idea of the products they buy.

4. Use common sense.

5. Beware of bargains.

6. Compare prices and qualities.