To begin with, it is important to give up the idea that having more followers is synonymous with success. Increasing the number of followers on Twitter may not be helpful if you share quality information or if you don’t participate dynamically.

Here are some suggestions for you to have a good presence on Twitter;

1. It is important to have the Twitter account set up properly, this means that your profile photo looks good and your account information is truthful, to ensure transparency.

2. It is vital that you can write tweets that attract a lot of attention and are loaded with values. That is, from images, videos you hang, audio clips, links you share should be of great use to your followers.

3. You may not like this point but the use of this technique increases by 12% retweet, we are talking about specifically requesting the RT, (retweet) is used at the end of the tweet, with the expression ” please RT”

4. Get actively involved in the conversation, to meet people with the same interests.

5. Following the one who follows You is important, you are not obliged to follow the one who follows You, nor are you obliged to follow you, but there are users who stop following you for the simple fact that you follow them, although it is best to follow those who really interest you.

6. Tweet at the right time, especially when your followers are online, so there is a great possibility to interact with them.

7. You should add a link to your other “follow me on twitter” social networks also in email, as in your blog or anywhere that is suitable for this.

In short, it won’t do any good to have a large number of followers, that doesn’t make you a better user, but these suggestions help you to know how things go in general and work more effectively and with better quality.