How to generate customer opinions in your online store

The best advertising for your online store is the Word of mouth Who has not bought a product because it has been recommended by a friend or relative?

In the online world opinions have become totally relevant.

Having a good talk about your products helps build trust in users. Opinions are one more reason to capture the interest of users in your products and services.

7 out of 10 Internet users search for reviews or inform themselves before making a purchase and if the opinions are positive the purchase intention multiplies.

  1. The first impression is the one that counts : The first contact with the client should be as pleasant as possible, you must meet his needs and motivate him to return. The appearance of your online store must be impeccable . The design, the photographs, descriptions, ease of use … everything must be perfectly prepared.
  2. User reviews: Purchase intent will be influenced by the experiences of others. It is easier for an angry user to write their opinion to be written by hundreds of satisfied customers. .but that users do not perceive it. Make sure
    satisfied people write their comments. This does not mean that you delete or do not allow negative comments, but you should know that if entering a online store the negative comments far exceed the positive level
    confidence decreases.
  3. Credibility: It is essential to provide confidence to the users of your online store or website. Take care of the architecture, navigation, what you say about your company.
  4. Listen to your customers: Negative comments will help you improve, answer those comments by offering solutions and in a kind way … when you listen carefully to angry people you will get a loyal customer. The customers who tell
    you that would make them happy. Your online store works for them, you work for them and your goal is to be satisfied.
  5. Every detail counts: The goal to sell in your online stores is to surprise your customers, there are thousands of ways to do it, Surprised customers will generate good comments

The client must feel that he is the protagonist, that he is part of your project. The purchase result must be pleasant and without frights.

There are different plugins that can be adapted to your website or online store so that your customers can leave their positions . Videos can also be made with the opinions of your customers.