How to make your online store sell more this Christmas

At Infomeik we want your online store to ensure success and that is only possible if you have an effective strategy.
At Christmas many shops and online stores get the best sales of the year, growing up to 132.5% according to Xopie; so if you have not yet taken action on the matter, get down to work right now, putting all our advice into practice.


1) Transmit the magic of Christmas: change the colors of your online store , create special banners, calls to action … everything should be festive and harmonious.


2) Prepare offers, gift packs, product baskets. It is important that you make things easier for users by presenting original ideas that attract … users should be transported at the time they deliver their gifts and know in advance that they have got it right because the gift is what their loved ones expect.


3) Offer to wrap the products for gifts, even send them with the card. The feeling that you should only write one dedication and that you save a lot of headaches is important.


4) Offers complementary or related products; If you take this book you should not forget the bookmark …


5) Propose gift ideas: gifts for mom, gifts for men, gift ideas up to € 30 … you can do it by creating special categories or advanced filters. It facilitates the purchase.

6) When you send the order, offer customers discount vouchers for the next purchase, the expiration date must be within this Christmas. You can also send them a greeting card, a candy stick … something that reminds them of the good experience to buy in your online store .


7) It offers the possibility of downloading free gifts such as Christmas cards, Christmas crafts, figures to decorate the tree … fly your imagination.


8) Send emails remembering abandoned carts, you can have sales that you already gave up by encouraging customers to buy your products. This is important to always do … not only at Christmas.


9) When the customer finishes the purchase, he offers some products with a significant discount … “you can buy these products with this unique discount on this purchase”


10) Have a good customer service phone, help them feel safe and have no doubt about your products.


11) Keep your word with the purchase conditions and delivery times. It offers fast delivery services.


12) Put incentives to purchase: from x€ free transport, or this week all shipping costs will be free.


13) Launch offers for a limited time, incorporate a clock with the countdown or remind them that the stock is limited, do not leave the purchase for later.


14) Send your Christmas catalog and offers by email to your old customers.


15) Simplify the purchase process, remove the steps that are not relevant.


16) All actions and offers promote them on the blog and social networks … that nobody is left without knowing the good things you prepare for your customers at these parties.


Do not think twice and attract more customers to your online store this Christmas … and if you want, we help you create more digital marketing strategies.