Creating a collage with your photos or a printed book about your information published on the social network are some of the possibilities

Quickly create a printed book

How to optimize your Facebook profile

Facebook junkie? If the first thing you do when you start your computer is to get into your social network profile and few things thrill you more than the red flag with the number of new notifications, take advantage of the holiday free time to enjoy your Facebook account to the fullest. And you have at your disposal all kinds of free services and applications with which you can gather all your publications in a printed book, easily design your cover photo, create comics and animated situations with your friends or compose attractive and original mosaics with your albums, among a host of other options.

LikeBook it is an example of such services. It is a portal that allows you to quickly and in a few steps create a printed book with the most outstanding publications in your profile (states, photos, comments from your friends…). You have the possibility to create the book for yourself with your personal profile, to give to a friend collecting the publications from his profile, for your page or group with all the memorable moments or for your company with the publications of events, conventions or conferences. You can use the design tools for free and you will have your book from 10 euros.