Buy online safely this Christmas

The most anticipated parties for children and adults are approaching; many of us have already begun to buy gifts and see in different online stores that our loved ones, invisible friends, suppliers and friends may like … and if I follow the List does not end.

The illusion with which we buy each of the gifts is unique, and the online offers are thousands and will try to provoke the purchase of millions of users.

So that this Christmas you do not take surprises in your online purchases take these precautions and you can buy in any online store safely.


  • Compare prices in different places and consider shipping costs.
  • Be wary of “bargain” prices, offers you will find but products with prices that are excessively cheaper than the market price should make you distrustful.
  • Once you have chosen the product, look for opinions from other buyers on the internet about the online store chosen to make the purchase, the experiences of other users when buying can be very helpful.
  • Do not put any of your card or bank data if the platform does not have a security protocol, a secure payment method using an https platform will encrypt the data so that they cannot be copied.
  • If you are given the option of leaving your bank details for future purchases do not do it, all systems are safe until someone hacks them.
  • Remember that they should not ask for your card PIN, you just have to give the cardholder, number and security code.
  • Protect your computer: private wifis, updated software, up-to-date antivirus …
  • If you buy in a online store for the first time and you don’t trust, you can pay with a prepaid card, PayPal or cash on delivery and you will be more relaxed.
  • Do not buy in online stores that do not have a contact phone number, physical address and tax information of the company. In addition to helping you with your purchase, a customer service telephone can be useful when ordering claims.
  • Check that the amount charged to your account or card is correct and that the store has sent you an order confirmation email.
  • Save proof of order, delivery notes and invoices for any claim you must make.
  • If you have any problem report to the police or computer crime brigade.
  • If you buy online your rights are guaranteed just like if you buy in a physical store by the regulations of consumers and users.


Do not be afraid to make purchases online, you must be careful just like if you buy in a physical store or in case you do not verify that the products are in good condition, that they give you well the return or proof of payment of the card, etc. ?

Buying online is safe, convenient and you can buy hundreds of offers … Go for all this Christmas!