videos are increasingly common in online advertisements, online stores and websites . Younger people are attracted to a brand by the originality and added value of advertising; and the videos give us those tools that make a difference. Betting on a video for your business or for your company can be the best starting point. According to the results of an analysis of more than 70% of young people follow a brand thanks to the videos published on YouTube. More and more young people prefer to consume videos online, because it is what they like most according to the survey of the study. According to that analysis, 7 out of 10 prefer a corporate video to read a newsletter.


It is more than evident that young people prefer to watch videos on mobile phones than the previous generation. Even despite the heyday of social networks , videos are a useful tool to achieve success, because thanks to this, they can compare between different products, demonstrate the benefits of your products, etc.

For many to see is to believe and when they see a video users are more likely to buy, many companies have been able to take advantage of the videos, as long as they are used strategically according to a marketing plan.

We always look for the best, make the most of any purchase we make and videos are the best tool for users to trust your brand especially in the younger audience that are the ones who take the lead in the internet and that less prejudices have to participate, buy, register.

Optimize the results of online sales using videos in your online store , website and online advertising.