Why hire an online store with Infomeik®?
Because we have more than 10 years of experience in the creation of Online Stores, and we have developed a tool for e-commerce very complete and versatile, technology based PrestaShop with more than 125000 online stores that are installed all over the world. 

We are confident that our Online Store will fit perfectly to your business.

success stories
These are some of our clients. You can check how our online store perfectly fits the corporate image and products of each of them.

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structure of our online shop
has a simple and clear structure, making it easier for the customer to view the main products and their categories. In addition a preferential display to the banners of special promotions, novelties and outstanding products.

catalogue management
Manage a dynamic list of products through the Administrative panel. Even if the store has one or thousands of products, this incredible administrative interface allows you to handle the most complex inventory and update it with just a click. Import and export quickly, set attributes, classify products, expand discounts, and much more.

• Choice of product conditions
• Upload CSV files of products
* Create a catalog mode
• Bulk
* Select products not available
* Layer navigation
* Show unit prices on products
* UPC code management
* Inventory files
* Notification of resupply
* Minimum purchase quantity
* Unlimited categories and subcategories
• Attributes unlimited (sizes, colors, etc)
* Unlimited product combinations
* Automated combination generator
* Unlimited product characteristics
* Catalogue notices(pages and inactive products))
* Categories segmented to specific groups
* Product packages and accessories
* Decreasing prices as a percentage
* Decreasing prices in fixed amount
• Product reference (ISBN-EAN13)
• Invoices and delivery receipts PDF
* Load list of manufactured products
* Management of manufacturers
* Supplier management
* Customize products individually or collectively
* Cross-selling
* Filter product by attributes, terms or statistical data
* Edit product labels
* Return management
* Report of products added to the gift list
• Sale of downloadable products: MP3s, software, etc
* Export orders and invoices

product display
show products in a unique way and provide your customers with numerous display options. Providing multiple product views helps reduce customer doubts and greatly increases sales.

* Compare products
* Add to gift list
* Send gift list by e-mail
* Unlimited images with automatic resizing
* Multiple images per product
* Zoom – in to product images
* Filigree protection in product images
* Quick product search
* Customer reviews about products
* Customer reviews
* Alias search
• Search Ajax
* Price display: with or without VAT
* Choice of number of products to display per page
* E-mail notifications of ‘out-of-stock’products
* Show available quantities
* Layer navigation
* Product classification by relevance, price, etc.
* Print product sheets
• Attach documents to products (user guides, etc)
* Add product to a gift list
* Show products in the same category
• Export products to major search engines
* Pricing at various levels
* Build product attributes
* Mark products
* Product page statistics: last purchase date
* Show basket content
* Show product categories

location and taxes
The tracking system can detect where a customer is located and calculate taxes or promotions designated by the trader. In addition, you can set exchange rates and allow customers to choose the currency of their choice.

* Unlimited rates
• Address format according to country
* Unlimited currency
* Exchange rate synchronization
* Rates by state, province or country
* Time zones
* Currency formatting
• Configure Eco Fees

Site Management
manage a site easily. With a few clicks you can change banners, turn on or off modules, accommodate the panels by dragging them with the mouse to the column you prefer and endless options that will allow you to control your entire website.

* Customize the store without modifying the essentials
* Store locator
* Layer navigation
* Customize page information using a CMS
* Customize images and main page content
• Enable and disable modules with a ‘click’
* Add unlimited modules to front and back or ce
* Show featured products on the home page
• Insert advertising banners
* Customize product display
* Contact form with multiple entries
* Customer navigation path
* Show best selling products
* Reflect available forms of payment
• Block RSS feed
* Test a new page before launch
* Quick product search