In this post, we will explain what the difference between the two is and what is better for brands.

Facebook fans

When a Facebook user is interested in the brand or the content of a Fan Page, they will surely press the “Like” button. This means that the user will receive in his news all the information published on the page.

The amount of “Likes” a page has on Facebook is translated to the number of fans they have.

However, it is not very important when measuring the failure or success of this page on Facebook, although it does show the growth that this page has in its community.

Facebook followers

When a person “likes” a page on Facebook, the “Follow” button on the page is automatically activated. If a user likes the brand but is not totally interested in it content you publish, you can deactivate the “Follow” button, in this way you will not receive any information that the brand discloses in your news.

It can also be done the other way around, a user hits the “Follow” button but not the “Like” button. In this case, it may be that you are interested in the information that the brand shares, but you do not claim that you particularly like it.

Which is better for your brand?

Fans or followers on Facebook

Let’s start by saying that the “Like” button on Facebook means that not all the information reaches its fans, only a percentage, in some way it is more emotional.

Instead, the “Follow” button measures the user community better. It allows improvements in the reach of your website, and the communication of the brand and the marketing is greater.

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