In the previous post we saw what were the characteristics and advantages of carrying out a WhatsApp marketing campaign, today we explain the keys for that marketing campaign on WhatsApp to be successful.

8 keys to achieving a successful WhatsApp Marketing campaign

  1. Define the objectives well. Being clear about what the objectives of your campaign will be is necessary. You will know how to organize yourself better and provide coherence, avoiding possible errors that lower the quality of your operation.

You should ask yourself a few questions to better focus the entire marketing plan, for example:

  • What benefits do I hope to have?
  • How am I going to use it? Sales, offers, opinions, etc.
  • When? If it is on the weekend or during the week, in seasons …
  • Who is it for? Define your Buyer Persona.
  1. Encourage the registration of your phone number. Don’t go unnoticed, try to get your customers to register your phone number on their mobiles, people don’t want to receive messages from strangers.

Some ways to do it are:

  • Make promotion on your social networks and on your WhatsApp website, let them know that you have a more direct and personal way of serving them.
  • Create contests or raffles in which they have to participate through your WhatsApp.
  • Set more flexible customer service hours for WhatsApp than for your other social networks.

  1. Use the statistics of other channels to act. Use email marketing or social media analytics to find out what times and on which days they are usually more prone to emails and posts. What kind of content do they like to receive and open, what content formats do they like the most, etc.
  2. The clarity in the messages. You must bear in mind that WhatsApp is not an email app, the messages must be short, clear, and direct.

Customers want to read your messages quickly, without detours, try to make them read clearly from the first time and that they are relevant. Send all your content at once, and not in several messages, as they can be heavy.

  1. Design attractive and fast content. Users no longer want to read-only text, send short infographics, images, quality audios … Make it add up and not subtract. These formats are the most shared and virtualized, get a great reach.
  2. Use your WhatsApp status for non-invasive information. Many messages can be annoying or invasive if users have not started a conversation with you. Let them make the decision by putting small publications of audiovisual or interactive information in your state. They only last 24 hours.
  3. Create and manage value groups. WhatsApp groups can be valuable in your marketing strategy. As long as they agree, you can add them to different types of groups with different topics of interest that are to their liking. You will be able to share relevant information for your audience and for your business.
  4. Respond immediately and establish schedules. Users want to receive your response immediately to their messages. If you don’t, they will feel ignored.

To facilitate this technique, establish business hours and place in your profile the hours that you are available to answer quickly.

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