Any business, however small, can take advantage of Twitter or Facebook

If the Internet means having a showcase of our business on a global scale, social networks can help us as much. Beyond the number of followers (followers) or fans (the popular ‘I like’) in theTwitter or Facebook, any business, however small, can take advantage of the social networks.

Few, but well bonded

Don’t mind the number of followers. Better to have few, but loyal (and profitable) than many who ignore you. As you can hear out there,”having a lot of followers on Twitter is like having Monopoly money: it’s worthless.”

be yourself

If you know about flowers, talk about flowers. If you know about cakes, talk about cakes. And above all, don’t try to imitate anyone.

be different

If you don’t tell more than everyone knows, maybe there’s not much point in following you. But if you sell flowers, why don’t you tell me things about each of them that I may not know about?

use the ‘hashtags’

if you know how to use well, these tags are very useful. Mind you, avoid the temptation to join some trending topic just to advertise.

speaks of something more than yourself

After all, your attitude on a social network doesn’t differ much from the behavior you should have in real life. Talk about more than your book and yourself and don’t put links that just lead to your website.

sharing is living

Be generous in the same way you want them to be generous with you. Sure that makes you the illusion that you do “retuit” of your comments, what makes you think that the rest is different? Share that interesting thing for your followers, even if you didn’t write it.

answer politely

Even bad reviews. The story is full of big skates, but also of great successes that turned a critique into an opportunity. Don’t hide your head and face a criticism.

exclusive Offers

Take advantage to make, from time to time, some “exclusive” offer or promotion for your followers and fans. Show them that they are important and that you thank them for their faithfulness with these kinds of actions.

do Not obsess

Social networks can be a source of income and a significant part of the visits to your website, but they are not the only ones. Not everyone is on Twitter or Facebook, so don’t forget to take care of other aspects of your business.

stop to reflect

Analyze the data you get from your presence on social networks, don’t move just for sensations. Then you’ll know what you’re doing right and what you can do better.