Every company must be distinguished and easily recognised in the field in which it operates. Choosing a suitable logo and well-designed documentation will provide solidity and confidence when contacting your customers and suppliers.


The design of the corporate image is basically the creation of the logo and all the documentation, posters and labels that your company needs to get its own identity.


we offer the following services:

  1. logo design
  2. business card design
  3. folder design
  4. budget or chart design
  5. envelope design
  6. poster design
  7. vehicle labelling design


Having your company have an identity of its own will increase the trust of its customers and make its business a success.


Useful tips for corporate image design


The importance of corporate image


Today, it is extremely important for companies to be concerned about the perception that different audiences have about their organizations. Customers are made up of all those individuals or institutions that have any contact with the organization at any specific time in its development. Whether internal customers (employees, managers or shareholders), external customers (real or potential consumers, competitors and other organisations operating in the environment) or mixed audiences (suppliers and distributors), it is important that everyone has a proper corporate image of our organisation.


So what’s the picture then?


Corporate image design is the set of meanings by which we come to know an object (company) and through which people describe, remember and relate it. It is the result of the interaction of beliefs, ideas, feelings and impressions that an individual has about that company.


A company with a good image is one where the best professionals want to work, with whom the suppliers want to have business deals, where the customers want to buy their products because these institutions enjoy a good reputation, their values are recognized and their employees reflect them themselves.


However, to generate corporate image it is not enough to develop a pretty logo, use electrifying colors and flood the media of sticky slogans and jingles. The best image is one that conforms entirely with the values and beliefs of our organization, that is, that which faithfully reflects the characteristics of our organizational philosophy and culture. It is, moreover, one that faithfully adheres to the characteristics of our mission as a company and manages to tie what we do with what we say. In other words, the image must emanate directly from our identity.


A good corporate image advertising campaign that tells us who we are and what we do is not enough. Our audiences want ?see? instead of hearing our corporate values. The institutional image must be projected, planned in the same way and with the same interest and importance with which sales, marketing objectives and economic growth are planned.


I have witnessed cases where companies have had to close or sell their shares at a low price due to the deterioration of their reputation. These companies had excellent products, very good employees and even a permanent commercial advertising pattern in the media. But they downplayed the image that, as a corporation, as an institution, they projected at the level of public opinion.


Care in generating a good corporate image must be based on the organization’s daily actions. It is a mistake to expect a group of professionals to take care of the image, as if it were something that we could overcome in the day-to-day work of the company. The whole organization must be aware of the conditions of action that imprint on its different processes, both productive and communicative. A defective product speaks as badly of an organization as a newspaper form that talks about the organization with misspellings.


The design of a corporate image must be interwoven with all the policies of the organization.


And is that as communicators of organizational, the professionals in charge of the management of image around the world know well that if their strategies go hand in hand with the mission and with the marketing of the company, the communicators are not always prepared to defend the image of the company in a crisis situation.


Never let them speak ill of your organization in a newsreel or in a post. You must step out and clarify what needs to be clarified and not remain silent. Remember that silence also communicates something. It is useless to say one thing do another. An effective communication strategy must be based on realities! Remember that all organizations have strengths and weaknesses.


Work Carried Out


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