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If you are thinking of selling your products through a online shop we advise you to leave your e-commerce project in the hands of professionals.

Internet sales are complex and involve both customers and banks. Do not be fooled by instant solutions, for a virtual store to work there is a way to go and in Infomeik we offer you permanent guidance at all stages of your project, and we provide you with our ongoing support so that your virtual store remains up to date and up to date over the years.

If you need an online store in Castellon see our plans here: create online store CASTELLON

our main online store services are:

  • e-commerce Software.
  • design of your online sales brand.
  • Design and implementation of your Online Shop.
  • study and classification of product categories.
  • introduction of articles with variants.
  • design and delivery of promotional campaigns.
  • search engine positioning and promotion (SEO-SEM).
  • Design Online store optimized to mobile, iphone, ipad and tablet.


At Infomeik we have extensive experience in creating virtual stores and we can guide you step by step to make your online sales project a success.

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E-commerce, online store revolution

With just a click of a mouse, buyers can buy almost any product in a myriad of online stores, from food to cars, from insurance policies to mortgage loans. The world of e-commerce, also known as e-commerce, allows consumers to buy in thousands of online shops and pay for their purchases without leaving the comfort of their home. For many, the Internet has become the alternative shopping spot to the shopping mall and in Spain, in recent years, shopping in online shops has increased dramatically.

Consumers expect traders not only to have their products available in their online shops, but also to have simple and secure means of payment, and that the deliveries of the products are very fast and managed by recognized and prestigious companies.

A Pew Internet survey revealed that 66% of Americans surveyed have bought an online product because it is convenient and time-saving. While the survey reported that more than half of the respondents suffered some type of frustration or confusion, or were overwhelmed with information, the greatest concern of buyers in online stores, 75%, was in the leave the data of your credit card and personal information over the Internet.

It is always advisable for buyers to take steps to protect themselves from fraudulent online shops.

Coming soon INFOMEIK.COM we will offer a series of tips to make shopping online safely.


useful tips for improving your online store

How to increase your online sales!!! The words you place in the title of the online store will be the first impression people will have of your website. It is important to try to place the shipping rates and offers so that they look good in the online store. Search the online store. It is a tool that is sometimes ignored, but it has been shown to increase sales. Check if your online store is customer friendly. If you find a problem or something you don’t like, correct it! You’ll probably need some expertise, ask for help. It is important to keep all search queries from your visitors, it will help you to know better what you are looking for in your online store and to be able to offer them. “Buy”or” add to basket”. The text in the “Add to Basket” button is very important. “Add to basket” works better. Several studies of online shops indicate that ” adding to the basket “is much more effective than”buying”. Testimony. Add testimonials from other customers near the “Add to basket” and “place order”buttons. Constantly introduce new testimonials (offer incentives to get them). Shipping offers. Offer free shipping if your business model allows it. Free shipping is an irresistible offer. Studies also indicate that offering conditions for free shipping is always more effective than simply offering free shipping. Stock information. Anything you can do to create a sense of urgency is important. Show your customers how many units are in stock in your online store. Company policy. Create clear pages explaining your company’s policy, conditions and information. The absence of clear information about the company, returns and Privacy Policy creates mistrust. The bottom of the screen. People don’t scroll! The buttons should be visible without the need to download the page. Studies indicate that having the “OK” button visible without scrolling prevents dropouts from the shopping cart. Product descriptions. Traditional sales also work. Retouch product descriptions to describe the benefits instead of leaving descriptions provided by your suppliers. For example: Computer Pentium IV 2.5 GHz. It’s a bad description, since it doesn’t give much product information.

Some of the online shops we have developed are:

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Some online shops that we are currently developing are:

Jewelers ‘ coffers online shop Valencia

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is Manteletas Valencia Tienda Online Valencia

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Some of the services we offer are: design online stores Castellon, design online stores Castellon, design virtual stores castellon, creation of online commerce Castellón.