DuckDuckGo, the future Android search engine in the EU

Yes, the European justice system fined Google $5 billion a couple of years ago for setting up its own search engine (Google Chrome), on all Android devices.

Android is actually an operating system bought by Google, so it is theirs… But according to European regulations, this practice is illegal in Europe due to antitrust rules.

European regulations have forced Google to present different alternatives for users to choose the default search engine for their Android devices. Although the option to choose the default search engine has always been available in Android, with the new regulation users will no longer have to look for it in the configuration options. In fact, it will appear by default when they start their devices and they will always have three options to choose from.

This is where DuckDuckGo appears, the company has carried out a much more aggressive strategy than its competitors and it will appear as the default search engine option in all European Union countries. When new Android users launch their new terminals, they will be presented with three search engine options and both Google and DuckDuckGo will be present in all of them.

The rest of the options will be different depending on the country in the European Union where the terminal is purchased.
Interesting, isn’t it?