E-commerce revolution

with just one click of a mouse, buyers can buy almost any product in a myriad of online shops, from food to car, from insurance policies to mortgage loans. The world of e-commerce, also known as e-commerce, allows consumers to buy in thousands of online shops and pay for their purchases without leaving the comfort of their home. For many, the Internet has become the alternative shopping spot to the shopping mall and in Spain, in recent years, shopping in online shops has increased dramatically.

consumers expect merchants to not only have their products available in their online stores, but also that the payment methods are simple and safe, and that deliveries of the products are very fast, and are managed by recognized companies and prestigious.

a Pew Internet survey revealed that 66% of Americans surveyed have bought an online product because it is convenient and time-saving. While the survey reported that more than half of the respondents suffered some type of frustration or confusion, or were overwhelmed with information, the greatest concern of buyers in online stores, 75%, was in the leave the data of your credit card and personal information over the Internet. 
it is always advisable for buyers to take steps to protect themselves from fraudulent online stores.

coming Soon INFOMEIK.COM we will offer a series of tips to make shopping online safely.

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