It is a fact that in most parts of the world e-commerce is experiencing an impressive boom. In some countries such as Spain, tourism, fashion, leisure, technology, education and food are increasing online sales considerably.

According to the e-Commerce report of the Commission of the Telecommunications Market (CMT) of the year 2009 there was a turnover that achieved a amount of 1,503 million euros, that is an 8% increase over the previous year, and every year was going up, which increases the demand online, that means is a great business opportunity that many companies can import to meet the demands of the users.

New technologies offer new methods to the commerce sector, more and more users use e-commerce to buy their holidays, buy accessories, hire all kinds of services, almost everything can be bought on the internet. In addition, one of the great advantages of e-commerce is to save the consumer the trip to the physical store, it also offers additional advantages such as a greater variety of prices, more offer, more quality, more products and services, many more things within a click.

E-commerce is growing and advancing at leaps and bounds and every year it will be moving larger volumes of turnover. Physical stores are losing customers, though not excessively, but more and more users are betting on e-commerce and it is no wonder that in a few years ‘ time physical stores will gain less strength.

This is the right time to boost a business, a sales boost in the internet market, e-commerce is the affordable and effective alternative to achieving a good image and competitiveness, making it known not only locally, but also nationally or internationally, is an opportunity that should not be wasted.