Search engine positioning

More and more users are getting information online before buying a product or contracting a service. The Internet is a great opportunity and can help you reach new customers on an even larger scale. You have probably already taken your first step, investing in a website, hoping that it will provide you with new customers and New Sales.

now what?, do customers queue to hire their service or buy their product? will customers arrive in crowds just because they have a website?. Potentially, with your website running, everyone can get to know your company via the Internet, but in practice, you will surely only get visited by your competition and your current customers. You should not wait to visit, you should get that will potential customers will locate you!

According to the prestigious consulting firm Forrester, 80% of Internet users use search engines to locate what they are looking for and 70% of the transactions made over the Internet are the following a search in search engines like Google. It should also be noted that, as a general rule, web addresses are not memorized but search engines are used. Therefore, nowadays it is not only basic to be present on the Internet but to be visible in search engines.

Is your site optimized for search engine robots? Do you explore it correctly and then be indexed? Once indexed is it relevant to your company’s keywords, products or services? Web optimization is the suitability of a site to meet these requirements. In addition, if you have a website to sell furniture, you will want when browsers search for “furniture store” on Google, your website will appear in the top positions because that is where they focus on locating the product they are looking for. Don’t you? Do you often navigate to the third or fourth page of results to locate what you were looking for? Virtually none of us do it except for rare exceptions. The techniques and strategies for achieving this goal are what we call web positioning and in Infomeik we specialize in positioning.

Positioning us on the Internet requires the fulfilment of certain requirements such as the optimization of the structure and design of the site, the creation of high quality content, the rejection of activities or techniques penalized by search engines, the achievement of good links to our pages and many other factors that when given together translate into a stable position in time and independent of the new implementations and changes by the most important search engines.

Reject easy and fast methods that you can find on the Internet because if they work for a few weeks, they will soon stop doing so and search engines can also penalize and even eject your page if aggressive or non-natural techniques are used that go against your criteria.