The use of mobile devices worldwide is growing exponentially and part of this phenomenon is due to the emergence of smart devices or smartphones. We all carry a cell phone continuously, without it we feel lost.

In INFOMEIK we highlight that 60% of the Spanish population connects to the Internet and 52% already have a Smartphone, based on the conclusions of the VI Annual Study of Mobile Marketing carried out by the Mobile Commission of Iab Spain together with The Cocktail Analysis in 2014.

In addition, these devices are becoming increasingly prominent in the purchase decision, with the mobile phone being the most important gateway for online businesses .

  • 90% use mobile phones to make a decision
  • 80% look for information about the product you want to buy, highlighting the price comparison, similar items, opinions, ratings, etc.
  • Almost 50% have made a purchase via mobile device.

In INFOMEIK we think that there has been a change in user behavior because they want things:

  • Faster
  • Like the others
  • If everyone likes it, it will be good, right?

The world is mobile and therefore any mobile marketing campaign must be:

  • LOCATION, wherever you are and at the time you are.
  • IMMEDIATELY, I want it, I have it. The maturation period should be shortened than the time it takes between you see a thing and buy it.
  • RECURRENT, everything you do should generate cash flow.

We have to keep in mind that mobile and mobile marketing campaigns are a companion medium, not a campaign initiator .

In INFOMEIK we believe that it should be used when a client is monitored, from that point if we can launch a campaign, but as a reminder, of impulse to another and existing.

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