Are you just a follower, or are you more than that? Instagram allows you to share stories with an isolated group of friends.

Instagram Stories can be shared for a few weeks with a small group of friends chosen by the user, the company has done so as an option focused on sharing more intimate and personal moments.

You can find out if you have this function or not, its activation will result in a new green icon with a star inside just next to the usual one to upload the Stories, visible to all users. With that green button, it’s the one we’ll send Stories to just whoever we want, creating a group of friends .

These lists can be created from the menu, where the best friends list option will appear. Here, the user will be able to select those contacts that he wants to be in this small group and to which he will be able to send the stories.

And that’s it. If someone has created a Close Friends and entered your name, you will know because you will see a green badge when you are watching their Stories that will let you know that you are part of their list. And also a green ring around your profile photo in the Stories tray. If you don’t see the function yet, try manually updating Instagram.