GOOGLE Hummingbird, is the algorithm of Google that allows the search engine to be able to understand everything we ask, offering results more consistent with what we are looking for.

About 500 times a year Google updates its algorithm and the last change was made on April 21 informing that it will penalize searches for those webs that do not adapt to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets etc.) without affecting searches made from desktops.

Having a web mobilfriendly is essential to have visibility on the network since this device is a personal and work complement increasingly used becoming the new trend of users when searching.

That is why we must pay attention to the correct optimization of our website : a correct loading speed, with quality content that is useful for your audience, adaptation of the web site for mobile devices and many more strategies that our Infomeik expert professionals can implement.

To verify that your website is responsive, we attach the Google tool that will give you a status report.

If you verify that your website or online store are not optimized for new changes to the algorithm Google do not worry that we are here to help you; Just contact us at . Do not miss the time, the faster you make the modifications much better.