Small and medium-sized enterprises have a great challenge ahead of them, nowadays it is essential to have accounts on social networks, but it is very important to know how to act correctly on social networks because this will strengthen the image of the company, so we tell you what you should not do.
The most common errors committed by SMES are the following:

1.    Leave social media to anyone. It is important that for this position is a person specialized in the area of Marketing,
2.    One common mistake is usually to write news and not let anyone comment …or not respond to the write. Not interacting with the user is error big mistake. The social network is not just a showcase for product promotion. Users want to check the reliability and value of the product. It is of vital importance to answer your comments, answer your complaints or questions in order to be able to give a good image to customers.
3.    No strategy, no image. Registering on social networks is no guarantee of success. It is important to have goals, strategies of how to reach more users, potential customers. It is important to create an attractive and reliable personality, with an elegant design to give good company image.
4.    Another common mistake is often contradiction. Sometimes it happens that contradictory information is often given, this results in distrust of users and undermines quite a lot of credibility in them and if there are errors in the information it is important to recognize the errors.  Knowing how to recognize a bug can help establish a closer relationship with the user. Pride can subtract many points of trust and user loss. To rectify is wise, whether in the net or in life itself.