Technology or programming languages evolve every day. There are more and more programming languages or ways to program and create both mobile applications and web pages.

PHP and Mysql, a pair adrift.
The most common thing is that we find pages created in php that have a MySQL database.
So far it has not been a bad solution for the websites, but is it enough to create modern and sophisticated projects?

WordPress and Prestashop
They are the most used CMS in the world, a high percentage of the world’s web sites are developed in Prestashop, but, it is time to innovate, adapt and have the latest technological and advanced improvements that they cannot have.
PHP and MySQL are the bases of WordPress and Prestashop, ty this is why you cannot take advantage of the latest technological innovations.

The problem is that websites or applications have ever higher requirements, improve speed, increase number of customers, improve positioning, and also never allow themselves to be left without service.

JavaScript & NodeJS and its rebirth
Since the beginning of the websites we already had this programming language, but nowadays it has been so popular that it is no longer what it was.
The great power and innovation of this language has been so great that the main web browsers have opted for the development using JavaScript, implementing more and more functionalities for this language.
Our applications are already written in JavaScript and executed to serve web pages in a more optimized way.

Angular 6+
The framework par excellence, focused on the development of modern web applications.
It allows us to create pages that are run by browsers and not like common pages that run on the server, such as a WordPress blog for example.
This allows us to further optimize the server, speed up its responses, and take advantage of the full potential of the browser without any restrictions. Divide and conquer, the server does its job and the browser does its own.
Also angular is based on NodeJS therefore we have a community in GitHub that provides us with an infinity of modules for the creation of our web pages.

The key is speed
The agent that we need to change is the MySQL, a relational database, that we are going to change for a NoSQL.
MongoDB is a very good solution, prepared for a lot of data, dynamic structures that allow us to adapt to any data change easily, in addition to the high speed it offers.

Hybrid technology
One of the strengths of using these technologies is that we can use them to create mobile applications easily.
All operating systems already offer ways to interact with their systems through JavaScript.
This means that today we are able to create highly optimized mobile applications without having to develop them in a native way.
A clear example is to create an application and be able to distribute it once and for all for Android, iOS or Windows Phone, and who tells us that we cannot also generate a desktop application.