Today we want you to learn to use a Twitter correctly.

What makes this social network important is its micromensages, it’s like we write SMS. We only have 140 characters to write our news and that impact those who are.

Twitter is a social news network, you know what happens in the world at the same time as it is happening.

It is simple, Twitter is simple.

Twitter can help you achieve your company’s goals, it is a very useful tool.

The first thing you should know is the language of Twitter, so we leave you this infographic that will help you remember it.

Tweet: it is the message and although in that message you can write up to 140 characters, it is not advisable to write more than 100.

Followers: they are the ones who follow your Twitter account and read your news, compartmentalize it and put it in favourites.

Next: it’s the accounts that you follow, the ones that interest you, you like and that’s why I follow every step they take on the net.

Timeline: it’s the chronology of messages in chronological order.

Nick: previous user name by@, it is important when you want to mention someone in your tweets that you use @ before the user name. Example:

Retweet: RT is when one message from another interests you and forwards it to your followers. It allows you to have Tweets from others acknowledging that the highway is not yours. It also allows the person you’re naming in your news to know and to respond to or mark as a favorite.

Via: another way to make a retweet quote a tweet, to do this you must add at the end of the message via @La depósitos redicaiamigo

+1: if you find this behind or in front of a tweet it means that the message is supported, the more 000 behind the tweet the more support it has.

Hastag: the hashtag # marks keywords. If you put a keyword preceded by a pad that word can be clicked and know everything that is said on the net about that search term.

Trending Topic: #TT is the most talked about topic at the time, the most accurate. # TTS can be worldwide from a geographical area.

Modified Tweet: MT I use it to express that I have modified the original message.

Direct message: DM is a private message that can only be sent to people or users who follow you. You must place DM plus the user’s name without the @ followed by the message.

Follow Friday: #FF is a way to recommend users every Friday, if you like massive recommendations.

Facebook: when you want to suspect this social network it’s enough to write FB

QOTD: is the phase of the day

LMLT: look at the last tweet

BFN: Until then

B/n: why

OMG: when something catches your eye

J/K: it is a joke

IMO: in my opinion

WTF: you say


FAV: if you want to ask users to mark one of your tweets as a favorite)

When you have a link in English

[PDF] the content is in Pdf format

LOL: when a tweet makes you laugh

Remember, this whole glossary comes from English…view in [EN]

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