Podcast – Recording and Editing

Podcasts” A business opportunity for you.

In Infomeik we have a studio that allows us to record all the programs you need in both audio and video.

The important thing is to find interesting topics that offer quality content to your users so you can get to know yourself.

If we help you create your podcast you can get excellent results for your company.

Here are some of the advantages of recording podcasts :


  • The potential audience of a podcast is anyone who has internet and can listen to it from the mobile and even connect it to the Bluetooth of their car to listen to it in their free time.

  • A podcast is an extraordinary resource that allows you to attract qualified traffic to your website since a podcast on a specific topic will only be consumed by those interested.

  • With a podcast you can teach, inform or have fun.

  • Your audience will consume your content anytime, anywhere.

  • According to statistical data in the US almost 50 million people listen to podcasts every month and in Spain the trend is rising, not only in podcast but in all the tools of digital marketing.

  • When recording your podcasts you will have decided to be in the lead in marketing regarding companies in your sector and that will make you more competitive and that users value you better.

In Infomeik we offer you:


  • Professional experts in recording and editing podcasts

  • Professional speakers in all languages ​​

  • Professionals in Digital Marketing

  • Video specialists

  • Advice on publication in different media and media

We leave you a podcast recorded in our studio so you can appreciate the quality.

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