Let’s talk about the conversion funnel. What is it?

The conversion funnel also called the conversion funnel is a term of online Marketing that tries to define all the different steps a user or company has to take to meet a specific goal within your website.

In short, by creating a sales funnel I represent how I sell my products from the first contact to the closing of the sale, I draw all the steps that the customer makes until I have in his hands my product or service.

Define the means by which you will reach your client and what steps you will take to help him make the decision.

The funnel or funnel also serves to determine the percentage of loss in each one of the steps that the user performs on your website to achieve the final objective, as well as what points need to be optimized with urgency to get that is to become the largest number of users possible.

If you plan step by step the strategy you will know what data to measure and what decisions to make to sell or accelerate the sale.
Companies are often not very clear about the goals they want to achieve when making strategy decisions and are dedicated to measuring things that are not useful and blinding when focusing their efforts.

Many times it invests in offline marketing and online marketing actions without knowing why it is done and the results obtained.

Create a marketing plan that allows you to understand the results generated at each stage of the attracting process of new customers so that you can correct and optimize what results and change what doesn’t.

Before you start measuring anything, you should set one or more goals you want to achieve and then make the decisions you need to achieve your goals.
The main things this technique brings are that:
– Provides useful information on conversions.
– Provides personalized data to make a more direct contact with customers.
– Assesses the performance of campaigns or purchasing processes, as it helps us to know exactly the causes of certain customer behaviors.

Optimize your website and decide your marketing strategy more accurately by creating a sales funnel.