In Burgos for the third time it is hosting a very important event for the commercial area, and that is that more than 30 professionals in the area are going to meet with the purpose of exposing current issues regarding social networks, social communication, new mobility or the use of social networks for freedom. All these topics will be presented on 7 and 8 March, at the Congress. Palace Forum evolution of Burgos.

Tuenti’s vice president for Corporate Development, Sebastián Muriel, will be in charge of opening the Congress talking about the future of social communication and the importance that this has today. Several guest characters, experts on the subject, will be sharing their experiences. There will be conferences, there will be enough dialogues, round tables, questions and doubts that people will be able to expose to what the experts present.

Among those present will also be Francisco Sierra, multimedia content director of Antena 3, who will participate in the talks with the theme “entangling in the tele”.

Several professionals will meet to give information about the potential that social networks have, an issue that today is of vital importance for the online commerce sector.


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