When a purchase is made it is due to a clear rational decision, but there are other factors that intervene when making a purchase, these factors are sensory stimuli, such as color stimuli, which turns out to be a very vital factor when buying, a factor that is very important when designing a website or a online store.

If we take a tour of the main online shops , the white color is the most used as a background and this is because minimalism reigns at this time. The aim is not to saturate the customer with colors and things, information, products, descriptions. White is a symbol of truth and honesty according to color psychology, this is a very important point to take into account to give a solid and confident image.

As the second color, the navigation color, is the gray, due to its contrast with the White, combined also with some elements of black color. The gray color is much softer for the view than the Black color and according to the psychology of the color, the gray color represents the seriousness and capacity.

To distinguish a relevant element from the online store , a third color is used. The vast majority are chosen by colors such as red and orange and in some cases blue. According to the psychology of color, orange and red, they are associated with passion, energy and heat. The orange is associated more to the low prices and the red more towards the warning, with the red color tends to attract more customers, it is not surprising, that’s what happens when you see an ad for a sale with the red color.

If we are aware of the influence of colors, we must take them very seriously when designing a online store, according to color psychology, colors are vital in our mood, the first impression that a online store can be a reason for success or failure.