The Fashion Companies are growing thanks to TRADE ONLINE

72% of the Spanish companies of the fashion improved its billing during 2011 and the forecasts for the coming year continue to be optimistic, when 64% of them have plans to continue doing so, according to the Barometer of fashion companies in Spain posted by Vente-Privee, and Modaes, and made between the 300 major companies in the country by size and importance.

55% of companies increased their workforce over the past year and 27% kept it stable, while forecasts for next year for employment remain positive.

Among its main reasons for continuing to grow is the bet on ‘e-commerce’ or e-commerce or online shops.

65% of companies already have an on-line store, and 78% of companies will have it next year; e-commerce already accounts for 8% of the total turnover of Spanish fashion firms.