Social networks gain power in Google

From ‘PageRank’to ‘ SocialRank’. The search engine will ponder the influence of users by assigning different levels on social networks.

Mike Cassidy, Product Manager of the Google search engine, explains what the changes that are already working for us users today but with no date of departure in Europe are all about. “In order for them to not take effect, they will have to navigate and search without having their profile connected,” he says. The effects to which he refers are results from Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Buzz, HotPot, YouTube and any open social media that a user includes in his profile. When a user searches Google, he / she will have the natural results that so far appear and also These of his / her social connections with an underline to indicate that they are “social results”.

In this same line Cassidy explains that this change is substantial within Google’s strategy: “just as we have a PageRank to measure the relevance of web pages, we will now have a SocialRank to weigh the value of each user in social services.”

This measure will be based not only on the number of followers but also on the Echo you get every time you publish on open social networks. According to Cassidy this change will be seen little by little: “initially it will not be noticed much but soon Social results will come out among the top ten. On the Internet it is becoming more and more important what people in our circle think, what they believe, think and recommend.”

To decide what is shared to appear among the results, Google users need to enter their profile settings and add what they want. This section includes YouTube profiles or blogs.

Google, in an action related to its policy of ordering information, will also try to connect profiles on social networks whose name is similar to that of a user. “If we find that a Twitter profile may belong to someone with that name, we will ask you if you want to proclaim your property and include it in your friends’ search results.”

Source: El País. com Tecnología-Madrid-17/02/2011