We are at the gates of the parties more familiar, emotional and commercial of the year, cities are dressed with lights and ornaments, but not only physically.

If we take a look through the screen of our smartphone , our tablet or our computer, we will see everywhere ads with reference to Christmas , especially in the social networks with which we interact daily.

How to work my company’s social networks at Christmas?

  1. The first thing we have to do is change the appearance of our blog , the headers, the covers and the profile images of our social networks . Our public must be aware that we adapt to the trends and the parties will not be less. To do this, consider the color red, white, lights, reindeer and Santa Claus. It’s what engagement
  2. But we must not only change our appearance, but also the product must adapt . What most attracts the attention of followers and potential customers are the offers , and if they have a deadline they will hurry to enjoy it.
  3. Turn your customers into prescribers . Encourage them to share photos of themselves enjoying your product. To do this create a hashtag that they can use on Twitter and Instagram , which they mention on your Facebook page … this will also make other users See and want to acquire it.
  4. Your website will also have adapted to the parties. Therefore, announce it on social networks to come. It is possible that you have an online store , therefore social networks are the perfect way to reach those products that you are surely looking for.
  5. If you need notoriety, you can create a raffle or promotion for which they have to share to participate. In a few days it will go viral and you will increase your followers .
  6. Social networks show the most casual side of the company. Show your employees with Christmas motives , singing a Christmas carol or having fun while they work. Upload an image gallery of offices specially decorated for Christmas. It will create a vision of your company that will surely please fans, and make it a “ great place to work ”. This image sells much more than many advertising campaigns .
  7. Be supportive. Christmas is a time of solidarity and helps the most disadvantaged. Launch a donation campaign by percentage of purchase, or announce the collection of food in your offices to donate.
  8. It is time to create ads and promotion campaigns on social networks, then you can measure in what percentage they have grown and how they did the sales .

Do you like Christmas? To your social networks yes. Try to fulfill the points we teach you and you will turn Christmas into a beautiful time for your business too.