The potential of social networks is so great that they may be able to discredit a company to a large extent.

It is also true that nowadays there is a struggle to obtain a greater number of users and for them calumnies, lies, defamations, or supplants often arise that completely deteriorates the reputation of a company.

Eloi Font, a prestigious lawyer, dedicated to digital reputation, explains that Spain is among the first five countries with the most users on social networks and has also explained that many companies are not aware in the care of online reputation.

It is not usually done until the attack is received, which is a serious mistake, because the public image should be taken care of at every moment, but the bad reputation can also come not only from attacks by other companies but also, from bad customer service, and the more disgruntled and original the user is, the damage can be even greater than expected.

According to the report submitted by the National Police in 2012, more than 750 people have been arrested for libel, slander and threats to privacy on the internet.

Social networks are very powerful tools for advertising, but they are also powerful tools to be used against. The important thing is to be cautious before the worst comes, to know the users and to give them the best possible attention will make the reputation of the company Good.