What is a podcast?- A podcast is a digital or audio file that we periodically upload in series, dealing with a theme, and normally we can download them by subscribing to the web or channel. The word podcast comes from the English-language mix of iPod and Broadcast. Although before you had to have an iPod to listen to them, nowadays it is no longer necessary, having a player like Windows or the VLC media player is enough. In fact most can be heard online from the web.

How to create and manage a podcast?- To Create podcast all we need is a computer, a microphone, a lot of Will and something to tell the world.

  1. First, before we start we must be clear that we will communicate (business, sports, music, news)…)
  2. Keep in mind that the podcast they have an approximate duration of 10 – 30 minutes, or the duration of the average trip in public transportation.
  3. In our company we have a professional recording studio and a technician in charge of recording and editing your podcasts. When you are ready to record contact us!!
  4. Now it’s time to upload it, we help you and post it on a specific site for these cases. The most recommended option is to activate the RRS option that allows users to subscribe and receive the chapters automatically and the “EMBED” option that allows you to embed and share the audio (or video) on other websites.

Here are a few tips to make a successful podcast:

podcast-icon-1322239_960_720– It is important to choose a theme that you are passionate about:to choose a theme that we can talk about naturally and fluently endless. We all have one what is yours?

podcast-icon-1322239_960_720-Format and writing: Sometimes we wonder -Will it be an audio or video podcast? Video Podcasts gain more users with the audience because they’re more personal and they get more carried away.

podcast-icon-1322239_960_720-Get to the point: people say they should be short and that a 30-minute podcast can be too long. However, this criterion is very subjective and depends on the listener. If your podcast is interesting, your listeners will hear it all, no matter how long it lasts. You can do an hour-long podcast that’s interesting, but don’t enlist just because it lasts longer. Try to always be direct and get to the point.

podcast-icon-1322239_960_720-Be regular and constant when you upload them: it doesn’t matter if your podcast comes out every three months or every week, what matters is quality and that you have a regularity and periodically upload it.