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know the list of award winners. Net 2010

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Developed by the magazine .network magazines, the .net Awards of 2010 is awarded to the best in web design and development. The. Net Awards are focused on premiering the conror web design and development, mixing public opinion with the views of Yahoo, AKQA, Opera judges, and Microsoft.

This year’s winners are:

                1. Web application of the year: Typekit
                2. Site of community of the year: Ravelry
                3. Best use of Api: Flipboard
                4. Interactive site of the year: Chrome Fastball
                5. Blog of the year: Smashing Magazine
                6. Podcast of the year: Sitepoint
                7. Video Podcast of the year: The Big Web Show
                8. Web design agency of the year: Happy Cog
                9. Innovation of the year: Node.js
                10. Personality Web Design of the year: Jason Santa María
                11. Viral campaign of the year: Old Spice
                12. Champion of standards: Jeffrey Zeldman
                13. Open source application of the year: Modernizr
                14. Redesign of the year: BBC News
                15. Mobile site of the year: Flickr
                16. Phone APP of the year: Dropbox


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