Reasons why people leave your website

Do you know why people leave your website?

Surely many times you’ve opened a website, you take a quick look at it and only those seconds have been enough for you to decide that that company doesn’t have what you’re looking for. You feel dissatisfied, you think they’ve wasted your time and that this company doesn’t deserve to be at the top of the search engines.

I propose you analyze the reasons why potential clients would think the same about your website.:

Web Design: note that the first glance is important, the design is the image you give of your company, is the face you are showing to your possible contacts. If the first impression isn’t good…Always contact a professional, and make the design tailored to your needs. The use of templates that are adapted from one client to another not of image of professionalism.

Complex navigation: it is frustrating to be looking for a product or service and to open a website thinking that this company has what you need…but you find it is not intuitive, important sections are not at first sight, you cannot find contact details, etc.

Your website must be “friendly” all types of user must find the information they are looking for easily, everything must be clear and transparent being in plain sight, without having to “guess” where the information may be.

Is Bad structuring of the content: many times in a website the information is not clear, the menus do not say clearly that information is contained in each one and access the same I see many pages and sub-pages. It designs a clear, simple and intuitive content structure. It clearly highlights the most important sections. Remember that the user of your website must make as few clicks as possible .why make the user spin around and around the web if you can make the path shorter?

Boring design or Content: does your website show interesting information? Does it say anything about your company?  or have you written something mechanically just by filling in the spaces?

Lack of Update: has it happened to you that you enter a website and you always see the same thing? Banners don’t change, images don’t Change, News has been on for 3 years…Remember that a website should not be static, a website is not a printed magazine.  Your website should be interactive, so users will be attracted to learn more about your company. Remove obsolete contents, do not display abandonment image. The best thing is to have a website with content manager, so you can always have your website up to date.

Incorrect readability: pixelated images are often seen, the lyrics are not suitable for an online environment, the colors used disturb the view or there are too many graphic elements in motion. Always let yourself be advised by the designer, everything must be in its proper measure.

Intrusive advertising: when you get to the web and at the moment you feel overwhelmed by windows that attack you, with videos that start playing, or you hear a locution where the president of the company, with a loud voice, welcomes you to his web. This reception may not be pleasant for users who land in search of specific information, which they hope to find soon and not spend more time than is strictly necessary. Audiovisual content can enrich users ‘ browsing experience, but it is better for them to decide whether or not they want to consume it.